The secret life of layers

There are times and places where a good eye, a macro zoom lens kit, and a little light can yield very interesting views on the world around us. I was playing with my relatively new Nikon Coolpix S9100 over supper the other night and snapped this… Something as mundane as a spoon inverted over a […]

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A State Sundial?

What a neat piece of art! Looks like the names of the counties of the State of Tennessee are arrayed out in the scope of the Sundial. They even seem to have animal tracks in the concrete.

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Flagstaff’s sentiel, Mt. Elden has a light sprinkling of snow. Considering we drove through a light snow with high winds last night, I expected more. But it seems the snowline is higher than I would have thought. Still makes for a pretty picture.

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Lewis & Clark trail, US-12 Idaho

With the clear air, clean mountain streams, and evergreens, I can’t see this area as being all the different than when Lewis, Clark, and party came through here. Other than a few homesteads, the occasional sign, and the highway itself there is little evidence for the passage of time. Lolo Pass Vistors Center, Idaho

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