A signed book giveaway…

MCA Hogarth, a writer who’s books Ive appreciated since I learn of her ultimately successful struggles against Games Workshop over her “Spots the Space Marine” story is giving away a signed copy of one of her books, along with four other writers. Winner take all. If it interests you, please use the following link to […]

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Snow capped Rockies…

Often I go to where the food is grown or harvested to pick up the ingredients that make the items you get to enjoy at restaurants or buy from grocery stores. This particular trip last November I was hauling potatoes heading for Walmart stores in Mississippi and Tennessee. I took this image from a chain-up […]

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The reports of my demise…

Wow, what a year its been. Things have not quite gotten back to normal but its a far, far difference place than it was 18 months ago. Let alone compared to when I last posted something here. I’m still out here driving along, hauling foodstuffs to help keep people fed and have been lucky enough […]

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Reflections on Christmases past

As I write this, I am sitting in a Southern Tradition, a Waffle House restaurant.  I’ve got the place to myself and that won’t last long at this time in the morning, it does have me thinking about family and Christmases past. This collage of seemingly unrelated items seems a potent touchstone of my personal […]

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Fieldtrip: Petit Jean State Park November 2016

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Suntop Lookout…

While on a retreat, I discovered — by sheer chance — a lovely little gem of the United States Forestry Service.  A volunteer run fire lookout post way,WAY off the beaten path.  Suntop Lookout was nearly an hour of back-country Forest Service gravel roads, but the views were worth the trip. If you want to […]

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