My cameras

I tag my image posts with a code that will help you discover which of my cameras took the shot.

NkD31 is my Nikon D3100 dSLR. It is the best camera I currently use.

IP5 is my iPhone 5.  It’s on my person almost all the time, so it’s the most likely to capture a candid moment.

IP4 is my iPhone 4.   It has since been replaced with a iPhone 5.

IPd2 is my iPad 2. Probably won’t see this tag too much as its a pain to hold up something the size of a textbook and take pictures.

Nk91 is my Nikon Coolpics S9100 12.1 megapixel point&shoot. While not a DSLR it does most things acceptably.

KP850 is my aging Kodak P850 5.1 megapixel fullbody. I have a few thousand pictures from this camera that I go through from time to time. Some may appear here.

OpO refers to an Olympus Optio that was my first digital camera of quality. It was about the size of camcorder today and had among other features an integrated twist out pistol grip that was just too handy. The auto-focus and zoom gears gave out and I was forced to retire the unit. I have several hundred images taken with this camera that might appear here.

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