The reports of my demise…

Wow, what a year its been. Things have not quite gotten back to normal but its a far, far difference place than it was 18 months ago. Let alone compared to when I last posted something here. I’m still out here driving along, hauling foodstuffs to help keep people fed and have been lucky enough […]

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Why Fursuit…

this article was originally published in the Further Confusion 2014 Conbook.  Since the topic of Fursuit etiquette is making the rounds again I thought it fitting to republish it in my blog.  It was dark, hot, and the world around me was muted softly.  I could feel my breathing and hear my pulse.  Blacklights spread […]

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Beauty in Adversity

There are times when things just don’t seem to go your way. I could detail some of the hard parts of over-the-road trucking, but I doubt it would mean much to you. What I will say is that even things are bad — like tonight I am in Laramie, WY and I-80 is closed leaving […]

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