The Rainbow Connection

Few things in life just ‘snap’ together like they were crafted. This lovely coincidence this morning in Oklahoma City after an intense downpour left me feeling in awe. The oddest part of the storm was the orange sky from where the rain came, with darker clouds nearby.

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Beauty in Adversity

There are times when things just don’t seem to go your way. I could detail some of the hard parts of over-the-road trucking, but I doubt it would mean much to you. What I will say is that even things are bad — like tonight I am in Laramie, WY and I-80 is closed leaving […]

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Rainbow trails

On my way through Colorado, and the weather should give us a smooth trip, even while parts of the country get hit with the white stuff. The photo is old, but from the Limon, Colorado area of a pretty rainbow I managed to snap. What made it interesting to me that day was the fact […]

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A ghost of religion

There are times in my travels when I come across things that have such a haunting effect on me that I cannot help but to stop and wonder. I had a pickup in Coffeyville, Kansas this morning and I saw a number of homes that were rotting away, sagging roofs and such, a few burned […]

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A State Sundial?

What a neat piece of art! Looks like the names of the counties of the State of Tennessee are arrayed out in the scope of the Sundial. They even seem to have animal tracks in the concrete.

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Flagstaff’s sentiel, Mt. Elden has a light sprinkling of snow. Considering we drove through a light snow with high winds last night, I expected more. But it seems the snowline is higher than I would have thought. Still makes for a pretty picture.

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Lewis & Clark trail, US-12 Idaho

With the clear air, clean mountain streams, and evergreens, I can’t see this area as being all the different than when Lewis, Clark, and party came through here. Other than a few homesteads, the occasional sign, and the highway itself there is little evidence for the passage of time. Lolo Pass Vistors Center, Idaho

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