Snow capped Rockies…

Often I go to where the food is grown or harvested to pick up the ingredients that make the items you get to enjoy at restaurants or buy from grocery stores. This particular trip last November I was hauling potatoes heading for Walmart stores in Mississippi and Tennessee. I took this image from a chain-up […]

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Fieldtrip: Petit Jean State Park November 2016

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Suntop Lookout…

While on a retreat, I discovered — by sheer chance — a lovely little gem of the United States Forestry Service.  A volunteer run fire lookout post way,WAY off the beaten path.  Suntop Lookout was nearly an hour of back-country Forest Service gravel roads, but the views were worth the trip. If you want to […]

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Petit Jean State Park

It’s getting harder and harder to find out of the way places to go completely off the grid.  I was surprized to find that I had useful service inside the park, as my imperfect memory remembered good voice service but terrible data service.  Mather Lodge of course has good WiFi, but this park has lots […]

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The world inside of ice

I have always been fascinated by ice, the little fractures and bubbles inside of it, and its very nature. From the galaxies of stars in the middle of a common ice-cube, to the way a sheet of ice will form on a sign and slowly slide downwards. Unlike snow, ice has no color, save for […]

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