The little hole in the wall…

In July of 2019 my last blood Uncle passed away. He was a newsie through and through and worked in Washington DC. While we were there for the funeral and other family arrangements, we took one evening to take in the mall and explore… And this is where we ate dinner.

This place is one of the kinds of places that you would either have had to know about before hand or have real luck in finding with google maps. I used that latter method. The establishment was a multi-level bar and restaurant that was really interesting. It looked two parts public house, one part steak house, and one part historical structure. The food was excellent and the libations were diverse.

In the end it was a lovely night in a period of family sadness for the passing of a scion.

One thing I did notice while I was there, was the number of Congressional Aide and Intern ID badges on many of the young people, perhaps two thirds of the patrons that evening and the place was crowded. This establishment named “The Sovereign” with a pronounced flair for the Aristocratic seemed to be the unofficial haunt for the shoes behind the curtains of our congresspersons. The irony of the name and what it implies was not lost on me….

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