Meeting Sol

Sunrise meeting in Kansas City….

My office can offer the most amazing views, even if sometimes the splattered bugs appear in the pictures too. On this morning I was driving East into Kansas City and the timing was just so perfect as to catch the rays of light shining from between skyscrapers on the downtown skyline.

This was a breathtaking few moments as the sun rose into brilliant colors over the city. By the time I had gotten East of the downtown area the colors had faded to blues and the bright difficulties in driving East during the morning were upon me. But it was a small price to pay for the view I had just a few minutes earlier.

We should take the time to look for these little things, the morning or evening colors, because if they are so fleeting as to be missed. Daily reminders of beauty and grace just waiting for someone to witness. When I do catch them, its almost always a mood boost.

Until the next one…

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