When I started on this career in 2008, I wanted to keep traveling.   I wanted to keep moving.   I wanted to have that little slice of the dynamic in my life.  The feeling like at the end of the day that things were accomplished.  It was something that was often lacking in my jobs up […]

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Seeing foalhood vanish…

I spent many nights listening to the Arkansas Travelers play… on KARN Newsradio 920 in my youth. I spent far fewer nights actually at the stadium, but I did get there once or twice over a number of years. The games are no longer broadcast on KARN and the Travelers have a new home across […]

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The Rainbow Connection

Few things in life just ‘snap’ together like they were crafted. This lovely coincidence this morning in Oklahoma City after an intense downpour left me feeling in awe. The oddest part of the storm was the orange sky from where the rain came, with darker clouds nearby.

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Beauty in Adversity

There are times when things just don’t seem to go your way. I could detail some of the hard parts of over-the-road trucking, but I doubt it would mean much to you. What I will say is that even things are bad — like tonight I am in Laramie, WY and I-80 is closed leaving […]

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Rainbow trails

On my way through Colorado, and the weather should give us a smooth trip, even while parts of the country get hit with the white stuff. The photo is old, but from the Limon, Colorado area of a pretty rainbow I managed to snap. What made it interesting to me that day was the fact […]

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